About Neuse Consulting Group

Neuse Consulting Group was founded by Stephen Robinson in 2019 after working with one of the top Medicare carriers as a career agent. Stephen saw a need to be able to offer all plans and be able to provide an educational approach to Medicare and Senior Insurance planning. Many of our clients have come to us confused about the process and we take pride in making sure they have a sense of relief about moving forward with their insurance decisions.

In just two shorts years Neuse Consulting has had to adapt to a global pandemic and find ways to help our clients virtually, this opened the door for faster expansion and adding several states to our agents portfolio.

If you are struggling to understand Medicare, Health Insurance, End of Life Planning or protecting your financial assets in this unstable market please reach out to one of our agents as we would gladly help guide and navigate this journey with you.

About Stephen Robinson


Stephen Robinson

Stephen started in the insurance industry in 2004. He's worked for several well known corporations over the years but found his home as an Independent Agent working to serve his clients instead of companies.

Stephen has spent the last 8 years dedicated to helping seniors navigate through the insurance jungle, educating them on their existing financial exposures, and providing solutions to help bring peace of mind to his clients.

Stephen started Neuse Consulting Group in 2019 and has grown the agency with locations in Delaware, North Carolina and South Carolina, with agents servicing over 42 states.